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Threatening and Intimidating in Domestic Violence Situations

Riverside Domestic Violence Lawyer

In domestic violence situations, when someone is accused of threatening or intimidating another, it can be charged as an assault offense and is considered a violent crime. The actions of threatening and intimidating someone can be very subjective, especially in a domestic violence scenario. With emotions running high, a family member can easily accuse another of having threatened or intimidated them simply because of the disputes going on in the family. If you find yourself facing these types of charges, consulting with a Riverside domestic violence attorney from Law Offices of Paul Grech can provide you with a skilled and experienced counsel to represent you.

The actions considered to be threatening or intimidating can include such things as verbally threatening someone with harm or actually physically harming them. Threats to the person's personal property would also be considered in this type of charge. Regardless of there being actual physical contact, an assault charge can be brought. In domestic violence cases, this can include sexual assault threats, intimidating language or threats of physical punishment.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Riverside

Even when a spouse or other family member recants their allegations of intimidation or threats, law enforcement will continue with seeking a conviction against the accused. It is important to have someone with the know-how and expertise our firm is well known for by your side. Preparing a strong case in these situations is essential to having the charges reduced or even dismissed.

With the penalties for a conviction on threatening and intimidation being so high, acting quickly is vital. You don't want to face jail time and being unable to return to your own home or visit your children. Let our dedicated legal team help you through this difficult time

Contact a Riverside Domestic Violence Lawyer who cares about the outcome of your case and who will aggressively protect your rights.

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