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Have you been charged with stalking?

A charge of stalking can be a serious offense, affecting a person's life considerably should a conviction be obtained. Stalking is considered to have occurred when someone repeatedly follow someone else in a malicious or willful manner. It often includes threatening behavior so as to cause fear in the person being stalked. Stalking can include actions that are made through electronic means, written or verbal communications that lead to a person feeling in fear of their safety.

When charged with stalking, retaining a Riverside domestic violence lawyer should be one of your first actions. Law Offices of Paul Grech have helped numerous clients in fighting such charges. As Certified Criminal Law Specialists, and former Deputy City & District Attorneys, we know the actions taken by prosecutors when pursuing a stalking charge and can counter those charges with a well planned defense.

Stalking Lawyer in Riverside

In many domestic violence situations there can be tremendous acrimony between parties. This can sometimes lead to false claims being made by either party that stalking is occurring. Separating fact from fiction is the job of a skilled and meticulous stalking defense attorney who has your best interests in mind when investigating your case. Our goal as your dedicated legal counsel is to provide you with the best possible defense strategy.

It is important to avoid a conviction if at all possible, as the repercussions could lead to jail time, restrictions from returning to your home and your ability to visit your children. Our firm cares strongly about the outcome of your case and will seek a favorable outcome at all costs. We can discuss your case in a free initial consultation.

Contact a Riverside Stalking Lawyer when you have been charged with stalking in a domestic situation.

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