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Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence crimes include a range of offenses involving physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse. Charges of domestic violence are often made during a contentious divorce as a way of seeking leverage in support and custody issues. These types of cases can also include crimes against an ex-spouse, domestic partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, a person with whom you live, as well as family members such as a child or elder.

If you have been charged with a domestic violence offense, contact a Riverside domestic violence lawyer today to discuss your case and map out a defense strategy. Such cases can be extremely emotional, and will require the defense skills of a knowledgeable and confident attorney.

Law Offices of Paul Grech is an experienced criminal defense firm that has successfully helped many clients charged with domestic violence offenses. Our lawyers are certified specialists in criminal law, and can provide the competent legal counsel you will need when fighting your charges. We care about our clients and are ready to provide you with personalized service and help you through this difficult time.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Riverside

A conviction in a domestic violence case can result in probation, jail time, fines, restitution, court-ordered counseling and sex offender registration if the crime involved sexual misconduct. There are many different types of domestic violence crimes, such as: assault, trespassing, kidnapping, child abuse, child neglect, spousal abuse, stalking, threatening and intimidating, and harassment.

Charges of such a nature can result in a restraining order even before a case goes to trial. This will prevent you from having any further contact with the alleged victim, and be extremely disruptive to your life if you are required to move or can't visit your children.

Our firm knows the difficulties you are facing if you have been charged with domestic violence and will be strong advocates in your case.

Contact a Riverside Domestic Violence Lawyer from our firm for skilled legal representation if you have been charged with a domestic violence crime.

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